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Green industry standardization of green building market

Issuing time:2014-05-12 17:31

Linyi Shandong issued a "green building action plan", put forward to a star green building by 15 yuan / square meter, two star 30 yuan / square meter, 50 yuan / square meters of three star award. Weifang City, the 10 green building projects to obtain incentives, the total construction area of 100.56 square meters, a total of 29270000 yuan reward funds. Winning green building demonstration projects by a number of accounts for 31% of the province, according to the amount of funds accounted for 27% of the province. The above is part of the provinces and cities according to the requirements of the country, a programme of the local green building market and encourage policy, but the light has the government encourages or not enough, because of the green building is related to the high professional requirements, and China's green building started late, green talent relative scarcity, which requires joint efforts of government and society from all walks of life, to regulate the market at the same time, the cultivation of professional green building talent

The relationship between government and market is the role of the market, the government intervention has two functions: 1, to create conditions for the normal play of the market mechanism, 2, in the market mechanism to adjust the failure. And for the relatively tight resources of China, the green building is a good medicine, how to really realize the efficacy is the key. Therefore, the government should play a role of supervision and regulation in the green building.

And the State Council issued the State Council on accelerating the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industry in the beginning of 8. Is a guide to the green building, it is clear that the development goals and the direction of development of green building, the role of the market play a role in the supervision and regulation of the market in 2015. "Opinion" proposed that by 2015, the new green building area of 1000000000 square meters, 20% stars and more than two of urban new building construction, improve the new building energy efficiency standards, promote government investment in building, affordable housing and large public buildings to take the lead in green building standards, and promote the construction industry. Actively promote solar power and other new energy and renewable energy building scale applications, expanding the domestic market demand for new energy industry, etc.. This is in a state of green building guidelines, a place when the government also promulgated the development direction of green building, construction to meet the regional characteristics of green building programs, which Anhui Province published in the green building program of action at the same time, the future of Anhui Province will take nine measures action to promote green building, including further strengthen energy-saving building, vigorously the implementation of green building standards, actively promote the building of green housing, carry out the green ecological city construction, accelerate the promotion of appropriate technology, vigorously develop the green building materials, to promote the industrialization of building, strict building demolition management, promote the construction waste recycling etc..

Hainan Province recently issued "the implementation of green building action plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "program") is proposed, during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Hainan will be the completion of urban transformation of 5.5 million square meters of new green buildings, public buildings energy-saving 30 million square meters, the implementation of rural reconstruction energy-saving demonstration 2000 sets.

Green industry standardization of green building market